Marketing technologist and problem solver.

I’m a marketing technology specialist based in Brisbane, Australia. A seasoned marketer, software developer, data interpreter, advisor, mentor, speaker, founder, athlete, and parent. Where many marketers may talk hacking, I actually hack.

Speaker feedback & testimonials

Louisa Dahl Feedback on Matthew Clarkson

Louisa Dahl

CEO, Interactive Minds

Matthew spoke at Interactive Minds events on a number of occasions and is a professional and informed speaker. He was able to educate our attendees through sharing his successful methods of online marketing and provided valuable advice and recommendations for other marketers to take away with them.

I highly respect Matthew as a professional marketer who is a confident speaker and industry expert.

Nate McDonald

Legal Linguistics Engineer, Actium AI

Matthew Clarkson made a magnificent speech. I thoroughly recommend him to hose looking for a conference speaker. Also to those looking for a private in-house boardroom presentation…of which there will be many in the next couple of years.

Salih Mujcic

Salih Mujcic

Head of Product Innovation, hellomonday

Matthew is a very committed and energetic marketing professional. He is constantly looking for new ways to achieve the better outcome than his last. His greatest quality is using evidence based approaches to get real results. Everything that I have seen Matthew achieve involved a variety of sophisticated quantitative and qualitative metrics. As a consequence some of the outcomes he was able to achieve while working at Onetest were simply great. He uses his team to great effect and provides them with complete autonomy to use their skill set.

William Smith Stubbs feedback on Matthew Clarkson

William Smith-Stubbs

Co-founder, Mettlesome & Toucan

I moved into Matt’s department and instantly knew what to expect – he was going to push me to achieve what he knew I could, but without micro managing. Matt expects excellence in other people (an attitude he and I share) and this only encourages you to live up to it. Matt embodies passion and intelligence to the point of being a true marketing geek.

Andrea Culligan partnered with Matthew Clarkson

Andrea Culligan

Global Lead GreenSpace Tech, Deloitte

I’ve had the distinct pleasure of working with Matthew off and on as an aligned partner for a number of years.

Matt has been a true asset in understanding our capabilities and how we can both leverage each others’ business strengths.

All of that being said, Matt is also one of the nicest guys I’ve met in this business. Kind, clear, authentic and articulate. It’s always a pleasure to speak with him as well as work with him.

Clarissa Rayward

Carissa Rayward

Director, Happy Lawyer Happy Life

Your presentation was perfect and the event went swimmingly!  Thank you for being a part of it all.

Zoe Mclaren AI Speaker Feedback for Matthew Clarkson

Zoe McLaren

Secretariat, AIBB

The depth of knowledge you shared, coupled with your engaging presentation, captivated our attendees and sparked thought-provoking discussions. The feedback we have received from our conference participants has been overwhelmingly positive.

Ian Daniels FGIA

Professional Chair, Company Secretary, Non Executive Director

Congratulations and thank you for putting together such a brilliant introduction and analysis of artificial intelligence. “The AI Catalyst: Empowering Professionals for Success in the Digital Era” workshop brought together some excellent speakers.

Kate Smith

Branding Designer

Thanks for your presentation today Matt! you gave so much actionable knowledge.

Ellie Daubney

Digital Manager, Designer, UX & Product at Endeavour Foundation

I attended an event held by Cemoh and BDO yesterday about how the revolution of AI is and will be impacting the marketing industry.

Phesephony Naidoo Feedback on Matthew Clarkson

Phesephony Naidoo

Global Marketing Director, Atlas

Matt is a passionate, driven individual who expects only the best from himself and his team. He is always open to new ideas and has a keen interest in new technology and how it the impacts the business.

Matt’s commitment and focus to delivering quality content has greatly improved the quality and quantity of qualified leads. Under his leadership the brand has improved dramatically.

Rachel Kerr feedback on Matthew Clarkson

Rachel Kerr

National Account Director, Oracle

Aside from being a consummate professional with strong quantifiable and qualitative results, Matt is a genuine, tech-savvy, results driven and engaging manager and peer.

Bruce Cattell

Bruce Cattell

CEO, LINK International Group

Thank you for an excellent presentation.  You have given me a lot to think about!

Craig Leaney

Innovative Business & Sales Strategist

Good event with some high quality speakers sharing their wisdom. Got some excellent insights and made a few good connections too! Well worth it.

Blair Luckman

Blair Luckman

Director, LINK Business Brokers

Thanks very much for presenting at the AIBB conference. The feedback has been very strong.

Cherie Curtis

Cherie Curtis

President, Criteria Corp

I worked closely with Matt for many years in his role as Chief Marketing Officer. Matt was very task focused and forward thinking in his approach. He continually stayed ahead of the game in terms of market trends and developed a number of innovative approaches. Matt successfully improved the marketing function of our business and it was a pleasure to work with him as a fellow member of the senior management team.

Laura Robinson Feedback on Matthew Clarkson

Laura Robinson

Sales Manager, Sitecore

Matt is a passionate, strategic, and driven leader who receives excellence from his team without micro-managing to achieve high performance. He takes the time to understand an individual’s work style, and adapts his management style accordingly. As a result, Matt has been a significant driver for the performance and success of each individual in his team. He creates a positive work environment while maintaining focus on marketing strategy and revenue targets.

Bek Drayton

Storyteller, Content Marketer, Speaker

Thank you for hosting an incredibly insightful talk on AI and how it is impacting the marketing industry.

Liudmyla Bardiuzha

Junior UX/UI designer

Matthew Clarkson thank you for the interesting presentation.

Some of the things I do

Cemoh - The Marketplace for Marketing People

I’m the co-founder of Cemoh and it is my full time focus. Cemoh is an online marketplace where people go to find the top vetted marketing consultants. Cemoh is built with Django, Bootstrap 5, Postgres and Redis. Check out Cemoh.

Click Click Bang Bang

I am a founder of Click Click Bang Bang, a full service PPC marketing agency that focuses on lead generation using Google Search, Google Remarketing, Google Shopping, Meta (Facebook & Instagram), and LinkedIn advertising. is the custom AI for your business. Interact with your internal documents and knowledgebases like never before. Built with Django, Redis, Celery, Postgres and various LLM libraries. Now redirects to this site as I didn’t have time to focus on it.

Strava Swift SDK

I’m a keen cyclist and runner and when Swift first launched I decided to write a Swift wrapper for the Strava API. This project is now actively maintained by other developers but I remain the repo owner.

Check out Strava Swift.

Ecommerce Conversion Rate Calculator

This is online calculator is written in VueJs and is embedded into the Cemoh website. It’s simple tool to help calculate the conversion rate of an eCommerce website.

Check out the eCommerce Conversion Rate Calculator.

Public Speaking

I regularly present at conferences and events around Australia on how AI provides an unprecedented opportunity for business to improve efficiency and profitability. Contact me if you’re interested in an AI Speaker for your next event.

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