Train Your AI on Website Content
We are excited to announce the release of our latest feature – website connectivity for your custom trained business AI.
Matthew Clarkson

Matthew Clarkson

May 18, 2023

At, we’re consistently pushing the boundaries when is comes to custom trained AI for business.

Today, we are excited to announce the release of our latest feature – website connectivity for your personal AI.

This new feature takes personal AI training to the next level, allowing you to leverage the vast amounts of information on your website to empower your AI.

Empowering Your Personal Business AI with Website Content

With this new feature, you can submit a URL of your choice. Our platform thens scan the website’s sitemap.xml files to find all URLs.

Note that this requires a sitemap to be present on the website for comprehensive indexing.

Once we’ve scanned all of the available URLs, you’re able to select which once you want your AI to learn from.

By adding website content to your AI’s training material, you are providing a richer, more contextually grounded foundation for your AI. This feature augments the existing ability to train AIs on uploaded documents, giving you a wider array of options to customize your AI.

The interface makes this process easy and intuitive. You can add and remove URLs at any point to keep your AI updated with the most relevant information. The result is an AI that can answer questions based on the content from the web pages you’ve selected.

The Power of Website-Trained AIs

This new feature expands on our existing custom trained AI applications, including:

  1. Customer Support: Empower your AI with your website’s content to address customer queries accurately and swiftly. FAQs, product details, and policy information can all be leveraged to enhance your customer service experience.
  2. Sales Support: Equip your AI with the knowledge of your product pages, pricing information, and promotional content. This enables your AI to provide potential customers with precise information, helping drive sales.
  3. Internal Staff Support: Use your personal AI as an interactive tool for employees to familiarize themselves with company policies, guidelines, and procedures. By training the AI on the relevant website content, you create an easy-to-use, engaging resource for staff training and reference.

Unlocking New Possibilities with

With the introduction of website connectivity, we are enhancing the capabilities of personal AIs on the platform. Now, more than ever, businesses have the ability to leverage their existing digital resources to train robust, highly informed AIs.

We’re excited to see how you’ll use this new feature to optimize your business operations and look forward to your feedback as we continue our quest to revolutionize the world of enterprise AI.

Welcome to a new era of website-integrated custom trained business AIs!

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